Hi, I’m Laura, the Joy Planner. I’m here to help you have the best wedding day, I take on the stress of making it happen, so you don’t have to. I love working with creative couples who love to plan, but want to be able to relax and enjoy every moment. I can’t wait to support you.


With diarised meetings for us to go through all the details of your plan, I will create a timeline for all your suppliers and contact them to confirm everything. All requirements will be checked so we are ready to bring your day to life.

I will direct all deliveries and set up for your venue, by dressing rooms and tables to your design. I will troubleshoot any issues and be there to call on should you need any support. on the day.

I’m also there for planning sessions if you’re looking for some professional advice and can help you put your budget together. I can be there as much or as little as you need as you put your dream day together.

Planning your own wedding is an amazing experience that many couples choose so they can get the full wonder of creating their perfect day.

Here at The Joy Planner I want to give you support when you need it and especially in the last few months when you should be enjoying the excitement of what is to come rather than managing to do lists, phone calls and emails.

I’m here at the start of your journey when you need to create a good budget you’re comfortable with, explore what’s really important to you and give you guidance on what you could be planning and when so you feel you know exactly how to develop the vision of your day.

If you need help to trouble shoot while you plan I’m here to talk to so you can work through any issues and feel confident in how to resolve and move on to the next wonderful piece of your wedding organisation.

I can take on the coordination of your day, picking up all the communication with your suppliers and checking that it’s all on track from 3 months ahead and be there on the day to manage every aspect, so you don’t have to be on your phone when you should be sipping champagne with your loved ones.

You planned it to perfection, you should be able to enjoy every single second.

I created the Joy Planner to help couples get through any sticky moments that can feel more stressful than they should, because I know that your wedding has all your emotion invested as well as your budget.

The joy of creating a day that is perfectly individual feels so fantastic and the choices and decisions you need to make are many, I’m here to support you through and I’d be honoured to run your day so you don’t miss a thing. Check out my blog for more tips on planning your big day.